Corona Info

Latest update: 22.05.2022

Protective Concept

As of 01.04.2022, the protective measures of the Swiss Confederation and the canton have been abolished. A protection concept for the running of a practice is no longer required.

Furthermore, we continue to adhere to the specifications of the federal government, the Canton of Zug and OdA KT.

We are continuing to protect each other:
  • EN_BAG_Pictos_04png Stay at home if you feel ill. Appointment cancellations at short notice (less than 24 hours) as a result of a confirmed Covid-19 disease will not be charged until further notice. A confirmed illness is defined as a positive test ( Antigen or PCR) from a test centre approved in Switzerland, a self-test is not sufficient.

  • EN_BAG_Pictos_07png You are free to wear a mask or not for the treatment, just the way you feel comfortable.
I look forward to your visit!