About Me

Kari Kunz Complementary Therapist (BZ OdA KT) Method Reflexon Therapy | Certified Liebscher & Bracht Therapist

Since my young days, I am fascinated by reflexology. In my teenager years, I have started studying books and giving free messages to family and friends. 

Due to a change in business life 2009, I have decided to start taking classes in Reflexology and have finished those in the same year. Since then, I am continuously taking additional courses and implement the new ideas and learned treatments into my therapies

I am looking forward meeting you soon in my praxis.


2022-03: (Re-)Certification «Pain Therapist Liebscher & Bracht»

2021-06: Certificate «Therapeutischer Masseur»

2020-12: Certificate «Manuelle Lymphdrainage» (Manual Lymphatic Drainage)

2020-04: Certificate «Bindegewebsmassage» (Connective tissue massage)

2020-03: Certification «Pain Therapist Liebscher & Bracht»

2020-02 Education «Bewegungstherapeut nach Liebscher & Bracht»

2019-10: Professional Degree «KomplementärTherapeut mit Branchenzertifikat OdA KT - Methode ReflexzonenTherapie»

2019-09: Quality Exsam «Pain Therapist Liebscher & Bracht»

2019-01: Self-Emploied Therapist

2018-12: Education «Pain Therapist Liebscher & Bracht»

2017: Diploma «Reflexology Therapist»

2016: Diploma «Classical Massage»

2016: Partial Self-Employment

2012: Certificate «Classical Massage»

2010: Education «Back and Neck Massage»

2009: Diploma «Reflexology»

1996: Diploma «Eid. dipl. Fachmann der Druckindustrie»

1989: EFZ «Buch-Offsetdrucker»