Costs, Payment and Cancellation

Reflextorium | Die Gesundheitspraxis Hand Reflex Zone Massage - Soothing and energizing


In practice

Reflexology therapy, therapeutical massage

  • 30 min CHF 72.00
  • 50 min CHF 120.00
  • plus 15 min CHF 30.00


  • 5x 30 min = CHF 342.00
  • 10x 30 min = CHF 648.00
  • 5x 50 min = CHF 570.00
  • 10x 50 min = CHF 1080.00
Subscriptions are not to be cumulated with other discounts and have to be paid before the first treatment. You will receive the receipt for your health insurance approx. once a month.

Liebscher & Bracht-Therapy (pain therapie)

  • 80 min CHF 228.00 (first consultation)
  • 50 min CHF 152.00 (follow-up treatment)
  • plus 15 min CHF 38.00

Liebscher & Bracht Tools

Tools like Faszien-Rollset (Foamrolling), die Übungsschlaufe (exercise loop), den Knieretter (knee helper), den Rückenretter (back helper), den Kieferretter (jaw helper) oder den Nackenretter (neck helper) are available at place. If you like to order directly at Faszien-Shop, please use this Link, you will receive a discount of 5% to your first order.


  • Privat lesson (Groupe of 1 to 4 pax): 50 min CHF 120.00
  • Subscription of 10 (valid 4 months): CHF 290.00
  • Subscription of 20 (valid 7 months): CHF 550.00
  • Subscription of 40 (valid 12 months): CHF 990.00


A treatment at your place, in your company, at your occasion.

The normal prices apply for all treatments (see above). A compensation for travel, subdivided in a basic fee and an amount per km distance, are added. These costs are shown separately and are usually not covered by supplementary insurance. For more detailed information, please contact your health insurance provider.

Compensation for travel

  • Basic fee per access: CHF 30.00
  • Costs per km: CHF 2.00


  • CHF 30.00 per 15 min. Billing is per quarter hour.
  • For more details click here.


Please pay after the treatment.

Payment can be made in cash, TWINT, PayPal, Maestro or V-Pay.

Health insurance reclaim vouchers

You will receive the reclaim voucher for your health insurance company at the end of each month or at any time upon your request.

In the interests of the environment, they are only sent electronically. You will receive your personal login data for the patient server. As soon as a new voucher is available, you will be informed by email. Then login to and download your PDF.

To ensure you receive the notification email, we recommend to add the contact to your address book.


If you are not able to keep the appointment, kindly cancel it 24 hours in advance via phone, text, WhatsApp or email. Otherwise, your appointment will be seen as completed and an invoice will be sent.