Reflex Zone Therapy

Ear Reflex Zone Therapy The ear treatment is efficient and stimulating
Hand Reflex Zone Therapy A treatment using the hand reflex zones has a vivifying and stimulating effect
Foot Reflex Zone Therapy The treatment on the feet is relaxing and calming
Cupping Bloodless cupping with vacuum jars has a balancing effect

The theory of the reflexology goes back to the old Egypt. Already then there were savants that used their knowledge in order to help other people.


We mostly know and use the foot reflexology. Reflexology can also be utilized on the hands, the head and the ear as the whole body is covered with zones that represent the inner organs.


Especially, working with the ear is very powerful and can help regulating issues on the whole body.


Foot, Hand and Head reflexology as well as connective tissue massage is mostly used for manual and organic symptoms.

A treatmet may be helpful for many issues, e.g.:

  • Tensions
  • Improving wound healing after surgery
  • Stress / Burnout
  • Aural noises
  • Chronic headaches
  • Shoulder-arm syndrome
  • Backaches
  • and much more...
A treatment usually lasts 50 minutes.

I offer tailored treatments based on your symptoms or just a wellbeing foot reflexology massage.