Liebscher-Bracht Therapy

Kari Kunz Your Certificated Liebscher & Bracht Therapist in Cham, Canton Zug, Switzerland

Current: e-consultation, also available for Liebscher-Bracht therapy

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For many pain and limited mobility, neither medication nor surgery would be necessary. The cause is often an excessive tension of the fasciae and muscles, which press on the structures of the human skeleton. If these tensions are released, the pain often disappears and mobility increases.


The Liebscher-Bracht therapy consists of three parts:

  1. the anamnese of your pain
  2. the Osteopressure (pressure of pain points)
  3. the fascia stretching and rolling exercises, which you will be instructed and independently exercise at home
To get an impression of a standard treatment, please watch this video (in German only).

As a rule, approximately 3 - 8 treatments are required to reduce the pain considerable or at best to become pain-free. Occasionally or with more than one state of pain there can be more treatments needed.


The first treatment lasts about 75 to 90 minutes and includes an exact anamnesis, a first treatment with osteopressure as well as the instruction of fascial stretching exercises. The further sessions usually take about 50 minutes.

To the appointment please bring the following:
  • Your mobile phone (we will picture your reference)
  • Sporty, thin clothing (tracksuit trousers or leggings, T-shirt)
  • If available: Your fascia roll set and your L&B pusher set ("Drückerset")

Pain therapy can help with the following symptoms:

  •  backaches
  •  complaints in the hips, knees or feet
  •  shoulder-arm syndrome
  •  elbow pain
  •  shoulder pain
  •  headache
  •  muscle cramps
  •  and many more...

The costs for the pain therapy are, despite the high effectiveness, not yet covered by health insurance.

Please also pay attention to the legal policy (in German only).

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